What Our Customers Are Saying


Just wanted to say a big thanks to you, Jen and your team as well. The site looks so great, I am very pleased with it! –  Kerry Mackay


Last September, we moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina. Due to the move, we lost a lot of sales and eventually lost our status with Google and other listing companies. In addition we had a few issues with the website. Like many other businesses in our industry, we actually considered closing our doors because we could not straighten things out. I sent an email to Kevin Tran, explaining the issues that we were having. On more than one occasion, he responded so quickly and with such sincere concern about our problems with the website, we reconsidered closing. Kevin’s attention to our website issues were on target and many of the issues were resolved a lot faster than expected. Granted I do not know what can be done about the listings or the SEO, but every time I emailed Kevin, his response time was exceptional. He did not make me feel like I was unknowledgeable but rather that he was on our team. He is very patient, and thoroughly explained the steps necessary to accomplish what needs to be done. –  ‘J’ and Nancy Janerico


Hey Jen, I’m loving the website…. Looking forward to seeing more. –  Jayne Alexander


Jenifer, you’ve made me so happy. Finally, after all this time, there is really something there I can work with. Now, instead of wondering what I was going to do all day I have to be concerned about what I should do next to make it better. You’re wonderful. Thank you ever so much. –  Don Pyle


Max, thank you for your exceptional customer service. We look forward to going forward with PLI and receiving full phone support through each phase of EBAY, Amazon, and Creating our own website. Joe and I both thank you for your help and we look forward to providing you with further awesome testimony! –  Sheri & Joseph Clair


Jen, we just opened an eBay store, that we have put $4154.00 of merchandise on (stores.ebay.com/qualityeselling). Thank you for all the help we have gotten with you getting us started with Scott our coach who we also emailed. We want to thank you for all your calls, positive attitude, leadership, encouragement and setting us up for success. We will let you know how things are going from time to time. Thanks for being a great person and so friendly. –  Brent McQuery


Thank you so much, Jen! It was great working with you. You made me feel comfortable with this entire process and the completed website surpassed my expectations! –  Rafael Batista


Thank you Jen, I absolutely love the design!! –  Radcliffe Taylor


Thank you so very much, Kevin, for such awesome work building the website and all your patience guiding me through the completed website. It means so much to me. I appreciate all that you have done for me. Thanks a million. –  Susie Webb


I checked out my site and I like it very much. Thank you PLI, for all the hard work and especially to you Charli for your patience and understanding. Thanks again! –  Lance Pierson


In my experience as far as I have come, words can’t express the gratitude I have for all that have been involved with my joining the PLi team. Vinh Do has gone far above the “pay it forward” concept. I trust that all the specialists that I will be working with are all so helpful and make you feel confident. Looking forward to a successful future with my new site. Thank you PLi.      –  Gerrilyn G. Neal


In our quest to design an appropriate logo, we hired Professional Learning Institute. The team at Professional Learning Institute (PLi) designed our logo. The excellence in Emily Bakers and her understanding of our concerns, make PLi true professionals in our opinion.     –  Nancy and J Janerico


I have just finished working with Professional Li Web Developers and if I could give them more than 5 stars I would. They were very thorough and helpful. They did everything they said they would do in a timely manner. One of the things that I liked best was that I had one account manager with whom I communicated with. I was not passed off from one person to another. I felt like my account manager, Vinh Do, really cared about me and my success.
– Wayne Sumpman


This company and especially Vinh Do redesigned and built a website for me that does not have the cookie-cutter feel to it. The website, bestyetwater.com, presents our products individually, providing a showcase for each one. Vinh has worked tirelessly to incorporate my ideas with the design team and in a very short time. Contract to completion was seven very busy weeks. Now, to be successful!
I know from sad experience that it takes more than enthusiasm to create a viable business. One of the essential ingredients is a company that performs and delivers what they promise. Professional Learning Insitute LLC does exactly that. In a short seven weeks, they have produced a product that will provide a platform upon which my enthusiasm can build a successful business. Thanks to everyone that had a part in this creation.   –  Shirlie Witzel


Andrew has gone above and beyond what anyone else has tried to do for me. I think he really understands that I have been “had” by another company and I am at my wits end. I honestly want to make money and enjoy it in the meantime. I believe in the product I am selling and want others to also. Shame on that other company but I am glad you are here to pick up the pieces and help me achieve my business goals.     – Margaret Lott


Nicholas has been tutoring me over the phone concerning the ins and outs of my website and I have learned a lot from him. He always calls on time and is patient and listens to my concerns and answers all my questions professionally. I look forward to his tutoring, he is very knowledgeable and professional. I have learned a lot from him. He is also encouraging and inspirational and his suggestions and ideas are always food for thought. I believe that with his suggestions, and tutoring I can succeed and be successful in this business.    – Lawrence Smith


I have been working with Professional Learning Institute for about 2 months now. During that time I have been training with Nicholas and he has been great to work with. He takes his time to explain things to me and help me work my way through each training segment. Emily Baker has been good about explaining things to me as well and is always ready to help me with my concerns.
– Nelma Barkell


Charli Erickson has done a wonderful job, I have enjoyed working with her, she is always quick to call me back and keep me informed on the progress that I am making. Everyone at PLI have been helpful and has given me the time I need to get my website up and running.
– Joan Reishus


I have been associate with P.L.I. for about a month and have found them to be most helpful in developing my website. Their practice of assigning an account manager is most helpful in that we can go forward despite my ignorance of most of the techniques employed. I have found Charli to be very knowledgeable at balancing the finer concepts of ecommerce and find myself growing more confident of success every day.
– Steven Holton


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from PLI for the great job they have done creating my custom website ecovitamin.co. I had many bad dealings with other companies selling me services that I did not need, but I found the people at PLI very straightforward and helpful. I would especially like to mention Charli Erickson for the fine job she has done being my Account Rep and keeping me informed as things progressed.
– Mike Aiello


I’ve been with Professional Learning Institute. now for a little while and all the people at this site have been behind me every step of the way. The person which I am in contact most is Charli Erickson. I’ve heard her voice so often I know it is her but she always introduces herself but as soon as she says hello I know its Charli. She has been a wonderful person to work with she has done so much for me to see me heading in the right direction and right now I’m having eye problems but still she has been there to help me and guide me and lead me all the way through this ordeal and she is fantastic my hero and savior. If anyone has the priveledge of working with her they will be well blessed by her wonderful personality her knowledge and skill at handling all your needs and answers to all your questions. Like I said before she is my hero. HOORAY FOR CHARLI!
– Jim Purves


I have really appreciated working with Emily and Nicholas in the setting up of my website, survival-emergency-kits.com. I have felt like each of them has been interested in me personally and in my success. They have been prompt with our scheduled phone calls and responded to my phone calls when I have had questions. They want to make sure that I have the knowledge and the tools to be successful. I think the most important thing is that I have felt their sincere interest. They both have been very kind.
– Bonnie Hamilton


We extend our gratitude to PLi, a true professional online business establishment who not only received our initial investment towards training, but we stuck with them for future work as well because of their integrity and dedication to customer service.
– J Janerico


It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this testimony about Nicholas. His teaching manner is very reflective of his superior subject knowledge. He has the ability to explain things in a manner that it easily understood. He is also very patient and answers any questions I might have. The written information he has provided has also been a useful learning tool. Even though I already have some experience in what he has been teaching me, he has still given me new insights and I am learning skills I was lacking. Nicholas has been a joy to work with and I look forward to our weekly sessions. He’s a great teacher and a professional all the way.
– Judith Babb


Karen and myself cannot express enough how great our experience has been not only with you but the entire Professional Li team. You guys are helping us to achieve our dreams and enjoy the entire experience along the way. We are continually learning the internet business world and Professional Li has been the catalyst in us doing so. Nick has been a pleasure to work with throughout this educational process and we look forward to working with Nick and the rest of the PLi team as we move toward future success.
– Karen & Victor


My name is Geeta Joseph – NYC and I have a Testimonial I would like to share with PLi.
Vinh Do is the reason why I lasted and followed through with my dream.
• He is patient and listens tentatively, and with continuity.
• He expresses beliefs in my plan and ideas whenever I share them with him.
• He understood my fear when I hesitated at first; yet, he recognized my purpose.
• He encourages me with positive ideas and coaxes to learn and work with him.
• He simplify his instructions to help me to better understand and accomplish my tasks to perfection whenever I ask of him.
• He motivates me with no limitations.
• In turn, all the above gives me the confidence and motivation to work harder.
• He is currently my inspiration to do better and to explore more through PLi.
– Geeta Joseph


We have been working with PLI for approximately a year and have nothing but positive feedback about our experience with Vinh Do and the whole PLI team! They have worked diligently to ensure our website UptownSilver.Com meets our high expectations. Not only does it look beautiful and professional, but more importantly Vinh and his associates quickly grasped our unique business model and special functionality needs for our online niche business.
– Johanne Ouellette


I trust PLi, and specially your employee James. I also like your professionally written newsletters which inform us of what are you doing for our site of goodandright.com.
I encourage you to continue your way of working professionally and helping people to pursue their dreams.
– Arden Portakal


We have had a great experience with Nicholas at Professional Li. You are dependable, you call when you say you are going to call, you are professional regarding the way you handle suggestions, explanations and very patient (that goes a long way). If we make an appointment and something comes up that the appointment does not work out, you are very understanding and just work with us by setting up another appointment.
Thank you so much for all you do.
– Bob Carroll and Linda Erwin