Millions of products ready for your website

Millions of products ready for your website

Through your education, you’ve acquired the expertise and resources for your business, including the ability to find suppliers to manage products and drop shipping with our Dropship Database.

Along with the multitude of other resources we offer our students, the Dropship Database is available with millions of products at wholesale pricing. As a feature of our web builder, the drop ship partnerships are already available in your website you just need to work with your web expert to activate this feature in the settings.

Drop shipping means you never have to warehouse or ship products on your own. Every product offered stays in the supplier’s warehouse until your website sells it. After you receive an order, the product arrives to your customer — all managed through your dropship database.

How is this possible? We’ve created relationships with wholesale suppliers and manufacturers all over the U.S. who are willing to dropship for our students. Thanks to our esteemed relationships, we are able to work with many of the largest suppliers in the country, in turn offering you a vast variety in products and money accruing opportunities.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Access your web builder
  3. Access your dropship warehouse
  4. Choose which products you want to carry
  5. Collect payment from customers
  6. Place your customer’s order
  7. Relax, we’ll take it from here
  8. Repeat the process over & over again